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Very few homes and business owners pay attention to the cleanliness of their blinds. BVC Blinds is your blind cleaning Sydney company that believes your blinds can look a lot better than they do right now. We provide professional blind cleaning service and maintenance to restore that shine in the blinds.Our team offers onsite window blind cleaning service for any type of blinds. We know most people simply dust and wipe their blinds but this is not all that is needed. For example, when cleaning vertical blinds, you need to get the dirt out of the corners where they hide.



Frequently Asked Questions

1Does BVC blind cleaning in Sydney get rid of musty smells?
At BVC Blind Cleaning, we use high-frequency sound waves to create millions of high energy bubbles in a water bath. These bubbles implode and draw in any form of dirt, grime and mould from your blinds. We use specially designed ultrasonic machines that are purposed built for blind cleaning. We guarantee to to eliminate any undesirable odours and smells from your window blinds.
2What does your blind cleaning service involve?
We use a technology known as ultrasonic blind cleaning. This method uses high-frequency sound waves to create millions of high energy bubbles in a water bath. Our ultrasonic machines are designed exclusively to clean blinds only. It effectively removes nicotine stains, mould, and other heavy staining and restores old blinds to new condition. Contact BVC Blind Cleaning of Sydney for further details.
3Do you offer any other services?
We offer the following services: - Ultrasonic blind cleaning - Blind repairs - Window cleaning - Commercial cleaning - Carpet steam cleaning
4Do you offer a same day service for blinds cleaning?
Yes, we do same day cleaning and repair services and in most cases repairs are done on the spot. We provide a professional, honest, and high-quality service to our customers. Many of our clients have been regularly using our service for many years. Rest assured of our diligence and know-how!
5Do you use environmentally-friendly cleaning methods?
If you care for the environment and want to go green, ultrasonic cleaning is the right choice for window blinds cleaning in Sydney. Our ultrasonic blind cleaning technology is 100% eco-safe and is completely harmless to humans and animals. Moreover, our cleaning techniques employed are of hospital-grade standards.
6What areas do you service?
We offer Sydney-wide coverage.