Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

The technology of Ultrasonics is simply put high frequency sound waves that create millions of high energy bubbles in water bath. These bubbles implode and draw in any form of dirt, grime and mould from your blinds. We use specially designed ultrasonic machines that are for blind cleaning only.

Is the Ultrasonic method really that good?

Yes, its absolutely incredible. We don't know of any better process that is able to remove nicotine stains, mould and other heavy staining so well and restoring old blinds to new condition. It will prolong the life of your blinds and in the long run save you money.

Is it hygienic?

Certainly! Due to the use of sound waves and imploding bubbles the results are blinds that are stripped of anything that is harmful to breathe in. You will never succeed in physically removing all germs and bacteria that spread disease. Ultrasonic cleaning is the ideal and only method to a super clean blind. Once removed from the Ultrasonic machine your hygienic blind is ready to be hung back in your room and you can sleep at ease.

Do I have to prepare my blinds in any way for cleaning?

No you don't have to do anything at all. We'll come and remove the blinds, take them back for ultrasonic cleaning and return them to be placed in their original location.

I feel my blinds may be too old and irrepairable. Should I bother?

Please talk to us first. We deal with blinds that are decades old and we are able to clean them and make physical repairs, rejuvenating to like new conditions!

What type of blinds can't be cleaned or repaired?

We haven't met any yet. It doesn't matter if you have venetian, holland, vertical, roman, pleated or any blind we haven't mentioned. Make sure you contact us today and we'll reassure you again, that we can clean your blinds superbly.

What about the environment?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the only way to do things if you care for the environment. Its 100% environmentally sound and the healthiest result for humans and animals. In fact, its the same safe methodology used for hospital cleaning standards.