Blind Cleaning North Sydney

We are a blind cleaning company located in North Sydney. We take pride in knowing that our services save many homeowners the cost of having to replace their blinds after years of neglect. We are available round the clock to service the North Sydney area with blind cleaning as well as repair and installation.

Cleaning Service for all Types of Blinds

Our experience dealing with blind cleaning North Sydney has made us experts when it comes to dealing with different types of blinds. Some are easier than others to clean and we have come across a few clients who have damaged the blinds because they used the wrong equipment or the wrong cleaning company. We can clean any type of blinds including:- Honeycomb blinds - Roman - Venetian - Rollers - Vertical - Pleated blinds

Using the Right Equipment

We have invested greatly in the right equipment for blind cleaning North Sydney and this is part of the reason we can do the job perfectly in a short period of time without causing damage to your beautiful blinds. No spot will be missed and no dangerous chemicals will be emitted in the process.

We are a Company You Can Trust

Trust is one of the pillars of our service. We strive to create a bond of trust with our clients in whatever we do. This starts with always keeping appointments and being there when we say we will. We also go the extra mile to provide a satisfactory service that meets and exceeds your expectations.Trust also means that we know you will be granting us access to your home and you may feel this makes you vulnerable and that is why we take the time to vet all our employees to ensure they can be trusted and do not pose a security risk.