Blind Cleaning North Shore

When your blinds are new, they have a bright look — with time however you may notice them getting discoloured or dull. After years of use, this may be inevitable. BVC Blinds makes it possible to keep them looking bright for a lot longer. Our professional cleaners provide superior cleaning service which ensures dirt does not have the chance to cause corrosion and to dull the blind’s surface.Even if you clean your blinds yourself, you may not be able to get them as clean as we do. We recommend that you hire our professional blind cleaning North Shore services.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic blind cleaning uses sound waves to remove dirt and dust from the blinds. It is a quick cleaning method and yet highly effective, it also does not involve the use of dangerous chemicals that may affect your blinds in the long run.Ultrasonic cleaning uses tiny bubbles that are able to suck up dirt from even the tightest space in the blinds. Even the toughest stains vanish due to this method of cleaning which is why the blinds will maintain their bright appearance for longer when we do the cleaning for you.This method of cleaning will also ensure that our cleaners spend less time in your home, in just a few minutes they would be done with cleaning a single blind.

Blind Repair

Repairing blinds is part of the service we provide. Blinds repair is a better alternative to replacing the blinds since you will not have to spend as much money and sometimes you may not find another blind that matches the rest that you already have.We provide door to door blind repair service and our staff are well equipped and experienced to handle any type of blinds.For all your blind cleaning North Shore and maintenance needs, give us a call 02 9785 9554